Finding A Forever Home

Eighth Circle – A Special Place in Hell

Political Corruption, Bribery and Murder Equals … Mystery Du Jour!When the mayor of New York City’s grandson and the grandson’s wife are murdered execution style in their Tribeca apartment, NYPD Detective Louis Martelli and his partner, Detective Sean O’Keeffe, are left completely in the dark. Months go by without any actionable leads until a meeting …

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Death by Wall Street

A DARK MURDER MYSTERY ABOUT WHITE COLLAR GREED! Death by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls is a murder mystery based on real events. It is the story of how the oligarchs of Wall Street, doctors, and others in the pharmaceutical research profession having significant conflicts of interest, and employees of two “captured” US government …

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One Shoe Tale

A DROLL DETECTIVE NOIRE-FAIRY TALE MASHUP! Who was the mysterious girl that danced with the Angevin Crown Prince at the Buda Castle ball, then dashed off leaving behind nothing but a high-heeled shoe? Down the mean streets of Eighteenth-Century Budapest walks Ferenc Marlowe, failed revolutionary and pioneer private detective. Hired by the Prince to find …

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The Curse of Fearful Rock

A STRUGGLE AGAINST DARK POWERS AND THE NAMELESS ONE! Winner of the World Fantasy, Edgar Allan Poe, Ellery Queen, Locus and British Fantasy Awards, Manly Wade Wellman is considered one of the greatest fantasy writers who ever lived and is one of the creators of the great Weird Tales tradition. An eerie tale of the …

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It’s Magic You Dope !

A WACKY AND WONDERFULLY SILLY ADVENTURE!Kindle and Audiobook EditionsThis delightfully humorous fantasy from the legendary 1950s Fantastic Stories pulp magazine begins with an ordinary Chicago librarian courting his beautiful (but insipid) fiancée. Shortly afterwards, she and her family are zapped into a parallel world by two real estate gangsters. Albert turns the table on the …

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A Knife In The Back

NTRODUCING THE FEMALE NERO WOLFE!Kindle and Audiobook EditionsThe first outing of Amelia Winslow Brewster (“Amy” to her friends), the elephantine, cigar-smoking, blue-blooded genius of a detective, finds her in a battle of wits with an unknown killer who has neatly framed her nephew. You’ll howl with delight as the icon-toppling Amy tackles stuffed-shirts, law enforcement, gargantuan …

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Pleasure’s Possession

AN INTRIGUING STORY THAT MORPHS INTO A MÉNAGEKindle, Paperback & Audiobook Editions Malawi Croyden was a very lucky lady. She owned one of the world’s most successful hedonistic getaways and had the gorgeous and intensely sexy Hamri Shaw and Teague Specter at her side. She had it all…and that was the trouble. A new client …

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To serve, to protect, to spy

ON THE FRONTLINE FIGHTING CRIME & ESPIONAGEKindle, Kindle Unlimited and AudiobookDue to the sensitive nature of my profession, I am known simply as Mr. J. I have the unique ability to analyze people, places, and things in such a way as to be able to determine what would, should, can, could come next. In a …

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Angel by the Bed

TRUE LOVE CAN’T BE DENIED … EVEN BY DEATH!Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Audiobook  There is a saying that all true love ends with tragedy, but it was not that way for Dan and Gabby. Gabby and Dan’s short-lived affair cannot be forgotten, not even after Dan’sdeath in the trenches at Gallipoli.  He chooses to become …

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