Wordwooze Publishing just acquired the audiobook rights to Don Unger’s “Animal Tails for Grownups”, a short and quirky collection of stories about some oddities of humans as seen from the perspective of animals. We are currently auditioning narrators and hope to have the audio edition available by the end of January 2019. Stay tuned for further developments.

“I couldn’t stop swishing my tail. I do that when I’m nervous: It’s a tic. I know that it looks unprofessional for an attorney, makes me a little less credible. The judge, moreover, was a vole—all but tail-less—and known to treat mice harshly for this sort of violation of decorum in his courtroom. Personally? I think he has tail envy. What did he wear when he was in the courtroom, after all: An electric blue, crushed velvet, waistcoat—with a tail! Ridiculous!”

Meet Maurey Mouse . . . Prosecuting Attorney. 

Maurey’s got bigger problems than a judgy judge to deal with: He has a murderer to bring to justice. And he’s working on a short clock. 

“Animal Tails for Grownups” is a short collection of four vignettes that takes the reader inside the worlds of mice, dogs, cats, and horses. 

spective, perhaps trapping and killing mice just makes you a responsible homeowner. 

As Maurey sees it? 

You’re a genocideer! 

Dogs, cats, and horses? 

They have a bone or two to pick with humans as well.

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