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It’s Magic You Dope !

A WACKY AND WONDERFULLY SILLY ADVENTURE!Kindle and Audiobook EditionsThis delightfully humorous fantasy from the legendary 1950s Fantastic Stories pulp magazine begins with an ordinary Chicago librarian courting his beautiful (but insipid) fiancée. Shortly afterwards, she and her family are zapped into a parallel world by two real estate gangsters. Albert turns the table on the …

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A Knife In The Back

NTRODUCING THE FEMALE NERO WOLFE!Kindle and Audiobook EditionsThe first outing of Amelia Winslow Brewster (“Amy” to her friends), the elephantine, cigar-smoking, blue-blooded genius of a detective, finds her in a battle of wits with an unknown killer who has neatly framed her nephew. You’ll howl with delight as the icon-toppling Amy tackles stuffed-shirts, law enforcement, gargantuan …

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