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Teaching and Learning with Audiobooks

When I was a student I had to study in different places and even different countries… and travelling meant time ! So… I resorted to recording my lessons without my teachers knowing… and replaying them over and over to revise and consolidate the benefits of the courses… in the UK there was a lot of …

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Why It Is So Important To have a Lesson Plan and A Good #English Course Book

When we were kids playing in our garden one of my sisters used to throw the ball up real high and the ball would almost infallibly every time fall… on her head or on her… You may laugh and a few people will find this funny… but the funniest thing about this is had she …

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Mysti PARKER’s The Roche Hotel

If you still think you can’t judge a book byt its cover you may have a thing coming…. I was first attracted to The Roche Hotel by its cover… orginal like the story… Mysti Parker put her hotel experience and her head together to good use when she wrote The Roche Hotel… an original story …

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