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Pipplet – Assess Languages Better & Faster

Do you conduct language assessment interviews on Skype or directly in person? The Pipplet app will turbocharge your process! How Does It Work? Pipplet developed a web app dedicated to conducting speaking & writing language interviews online. Candidates connect to the app and are presented with questions and role plays that are carefully crafted to …

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Livemocha – language learning community

Live mocha is a language learning community that uses a mixture of traditional learning methods with online practice and interaction with native language speakers from around the world. Using a collaborative approach to language learning, Livemocha delivers an excellent learning experience that promises conversational fluency.’The Livemocha community is made up of language enthusiasts: teachers, language …

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Memrise – Learning made joyful

We make learning languages and vocab so full of joy and life, you’ll laugh out loud. Memrise helps you learn better * Learn any language – We have high quality courses in more than * 200 languages – iOS and Android – Learn on your terms: anytime, anywhere * Adaptive learning tech – Memrise uses …

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Busuu – Language learning that works

Learn with 60 Million users worldwide. Bite-sized lessons perfect for everyday life, work and travel. 22.5 hours of busuu Premium = 1 college semester of language study Check :

Ban lists

Old teachers –and so younger teachers too- have long given their students lists of this or that to their students to learn… The main trouble with this approach is not only that it doesn’t work but it is also proved wrong in two ways… First, having studied the way our brains and our memory works …

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Eurolingua Institute

The Eurolingua Institute is one of the pioneers of Language Study Abroad Programmes with well over 20 years of successful language immersion in over 40 country locations worldwide. Why Choose Us? 20+ years of experience Become part of a worldwide community Affordable rates Designed to make you bilingual Open to students 16-75 years old Access …

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Native English tutors in Hunan (China) Wanted

John ZHU Director of DaXiang HR Group Dear all, we are looking for some native English tutors in Hunan (China). Anybody interested in this offer pls feel free to reach me by wechat and cellphone 13795301718.

Tom’s Diner – Suzanne VEGA (PI up)

Suzanne Vega’s world in a constellation where stars and worlds collide as much as overlap without ever seeming to interact… witnessed as though look through a water bubble, verging on the baroque and bizarre. A folk pop universe painted as though by a pointillist Van Gogh. Her voice likened to that of a little girl …

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Masterblaster – Stevie WONDER (PI up)

Wonderful Stevie who inspired so many ! Stevie Wonder is not always so easy to sing along still he offers wonderful songs to work on. His songs about love and life can also be very political and committed. He has used just about an opportunity music could offer him which makes him all-round winner anytime… …

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Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna (PI up)

Madonna is an artist to be reckoned with and some of her songs now belong in the collective memory. On her last tour alone Madonna made $ 270 m. Can you beat that ? Madonna has be know to be controversial in attitude mostly directed at spicing up her reputation in tabloids… still if her …

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