Studying with Audiobooks


When I was a student I had to study in different places and even different countries… and travelling meant time !
So… I resorted to recording my lessons without my teachers knowing… and replaying them over and over to revise and consolidate the benefits of the courses… in the UK there was a lot of material readily available for audio study –as well as the Open University- which greatly enhanced the provision of study material… for lack of existing material I endeavoured to record my own notes and went around listening to my own recordings… and I eventually went on to finish all my studies achieving good results !
To memorise our brain often needs repetition… and it easier to have a recording we can listen to anywhere… than to stop everything and pick notes from a book… and audiobooks offer way more portability than books !

Twenty years ago at a French book fair I stumbled upon a publisher who offered to record university teachers their lessons and lectures to sell them to students… taking up where I had left off… for the better of the students… they disappeared after a few years whether by luck or design… university teachers are also very wary of divulging their science…

Yet far from me the idea of putting to rest my recordings… as I had always been a music and book lover there was a wealth I could still listen to for pleasure… or further studies… and I did !
Fortunately today the audiobook market is developing in more and more countries and what with everyone owning a smartphone or a tablet now, everyone can take their audiobooks along wherever they go… whether they commute to work or travel for pleasure… they can happily move along and move on with their studies even !
Supply has evolved accordingly with dedicated platforms to stream and/or sell audiobooks… applications and computer programs now enable even the least computer literate to dabble in recording and producing their own… I never walk alone in all my errands and commuting and go on learning happily with my audiobooks…


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