Improving Your English Speaking Skills


You have heard us say this before. In your journey to improve your English, focus on developing your skills in all aspects of the language – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW).

We have talked about focused listening practice as a way to help develop your ear for the English language and gradually increase your comprehension. Now, let us talk about how you can develop your English speaking skills.

Let us first break down the skill of speaking English into its component parts. The first is pronunciation – do you pronounce words clearly and correctly? The second is fluency – are you able to speak easily and correctly, without struggling for the right sounds and the right words? Finally, are you confident while speaking, or do you hesitate to speak because you’re unsure of your English language skills?

As with many other skills, you need to practice, practice, and practice to get better! The question is – how can you make practicing English smart and effective?

A simple, yet very effective technique that we have built into each of our Learning Programs is to read aloud as you listen. Our technology platform enables you to listen to what you are reading in a clear, neutral voice that can be slowed down to a pace that is comfortable for you. As you get used to reading English and listening, you can also start speaking aloud along with the text. Practicing your speaking skills with the help of well formed and correctly spoken text helps improve your own pronunciation, fluency, and thereby confidence. Of course, you must use your developing confidence to practice conversing with people in English, which will help further enhance your speaking skills.

It is important that the text or learning material you use to read aloud is interesting and relevant for you, so that you are motivated to continue your practice. It should also be at a level that is right for you – not too easy, which might be boring, and not so difficult that you give up!

If you want to get started on your journey to develop your English skills, just sign up for our free, online English learning program and start learning right away.


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