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Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna (PI up)

Madonna is an artist to be reckoned with and some of her songs now belong in the collective memory. On her last tour alone Madonna made $ 270 m. Can you beat that ? Madonna has be know to be controversial in attitude mostly directed at spicing up her reputation in tabloids… still if her …

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Where Do The Children Play ? – Cat Stevens (PI up)

Another bard of nature and life and natural living is Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens continues his works under the name of Yusuf Islam.   He generally sings about life and love and can be very political. His songs range from basic to sophisticated in a folky way. So many of his songs could be used… …

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The Calendar Song – Boney M

Whether you need a song for kids (or adults) to learn the months in English or a good story while pratising their present and past tenses Boney will supply more enough material for your students… Boney M sold 300 million albums in a record few years… They are still constantly played today on most commercial …

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