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Teachers Know Best

Free Report: Teachers Know Best You know that the use of data is a crucial component in personalized learning, which ensures that student learning is tailored to their individual needs, skills, and interests, and enables them to take ownership of their learning. This report, Making Data Work for Teachers and Students, is a free download every educator …

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A Student or a Teacher near you !

When you find someone who you’d like to teach or learn from just shoot them a message and schedule a time and place to meet up. Set your own terms and hourly rate. It’s that easy! http://www.knowhownearby.com


  Client / Student(s) Lesson Plan & Objectives Book The Working Week : WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Top-up Minimax : BBEW  (Telephone & – Socialising) Grammar & Functions Time Clauses, Reporting Present Perfect VS Past Simple Expressions with HAVE, Idioms with Prepositions Language & Theme(s) ORDER PROBLEMS : Listening for Details and for Gist Order Not Sent, The Wrong Shipper, Goods …

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  Client / Student(s) Lesson Plan & Objectives Book Presentation of lesson Objectives … HEAD FOR BUSINESS (Upper-Intermediate) U #7 Top-up Minimax : Negotiating Song : The Deal by Tommy KÖRBERG (Chess) Grammar & Functions Conditional Forms Using Appropriate Registers Language & Theme(s) Deal Makers: Tips for Successful Negotiating Customer Complaints, Dealing with Customers Resolving Grievances, Telephoning …

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10 Mistakes ESL Teachers Make in China

Wheelee and Ty talk about the 10 Mistakes ESL Teachers or Foreigners Make when coming to work in China. Here are the topics we covered: 1. Getting the Wrong Visa 2. Not Doing Your Research 3. Slacking Off 4. Forming a Clique 5. Not Trying to Learn the Language 6. Being a Doormat (featuring Tera) …

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Spinster Stories – The Company You Keep

Our behaviour teaches people how to treat us… and the company we keep defines us… Talk of miss Marple coming around and she’s all over you… prying spying… pushing her nosy snout up into your affairs and business… listening in on every conversion… and beckoning murder… with a talent that spells malevolence… and nobody in …

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