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To Think I Ran

I certainly hope Iran hasn’t seen the last of me yet… I simply had to pay tribute to such a beautiful country with such wonderful people and such an amazing culture… Having very little memory very few memories of Iran I chose to pay tribute to Iranians… Iran is often confused with a country with …

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Booster Shot

A Booster Shot to secure the benefits of my other books… More and more stories about people for people… because everyday life is usually stranger than fiction… do you ever wonder what lies yonder ? A new collection of extremely varied styles and stories for the discerning reader seeking a challenging reading… Love and war and nature …

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Keeping Me Company

In Keeping Me Company women have the lead… Women have always played a key role in my life and I more than long wanted to pay them a fair tribute… and what better could I do than tell their story ? Women bring us into this world and often see us go before them… They can be together …

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Visionary Mountains

arises from an idea I developed with one of my narrators Helen LLOYD… born of the pleasure of working together… Visionary Mountains is a collection of Helen’s choice of readings of some of my works from a reader’s point of view… The short stories here are about people for people… as usual… people like you …

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Learning & Teaching English

Learning & Teaching English is for all those who teach, train and coach or learn English… To suggest and offer support, resources, material, and ideas in English to all professionals and individuals, English teachers and students wishing to learn and / or further their command of English… as well as teacher and trainer training and …

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