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Teach students what they need 2

I have just read the questions one of my friends had to answer for her university exams… Now I don’t know whether those examiners had just escaped some mental asylum or loony bin… but the questions are ‘weird’ -as she put it- to say the least… Are those guys on dope ? What would they …

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Coaching in English

Coaching in English applies to those who already speak English… although their command of English  may need improvement when it comes to giving their language the power and drive it really requires to get the job done… there are many people in the world today using English to little or no impact… and still wonder …

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What Chinese Think of Foreigners

Chinese locals on the street of Guangzhou gave their honest opinions about expats in China: “ESL teachers equals losers back home” The “white face bubble” “Dating hot Asians” “Wearing Super Strong Perfume”… How did comedians Sean Hebert, Paul Johnson, Garron Chiu and Tamby Chan respond to those comments?  

10 Mistakes ESL Teachers Make in China

Wheelee and Ty talk about the 10 Mistakes ESL Teachers or Foreigners Make when coming to work in China. Here are the topics we covered: 1. Getting the Wrong Visa 2. Not Doing Your Research 3. Slacking Off 4. Forming a Clique 5. Not Trying to Learn the Language 6. Being a Doormat (featuring Tera) …

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30 ESL teachers share their challenges teaching English abroad

ESLinsider serves up fresh resources for ESL teachers: how-to videos, online TEFL courses, interviews with ESL teachers in Asia, ebooks and a blog. You can learn how to teach English with videos, find solutions to classroom problems, and get ideas for your lessons. It also has a blog where you can learn about teaching and …

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Communicating in English – Words that go beyond the words

Beyond the mere writing and using words in English there is the power of words… empowering words that go beyond the words… No matter how good your English is… you’ll still need to convince your correspondent… and that takes more than words… but the right words… there is an ‘attitude’ as much in the language …

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Not Teaching !

The older I get the more shocked I am at seeing and hearing how incompetent English teachers are… I get to hear them and about them all the time… and it’s obvious that most of them couldn’t teach to save their life ! I will pass on those English teachers who were only given a …

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Testing Understanding in English

Testing Understanding in English is relatively easy… yet needs to be done properly… as most students think –or claim- they understand much more than they actually do… When I ask them without testing most of them will tell me there a level that is really two levels below… and the rest will just give a …

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