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Teacher Training and Coaching supporting the teaching and learning of English all round... and the teachers as well as students in their endeavours to further their skills in English

Testing Understanding in English

Testing Understanding in English is relatively easy… yet needs to be done properly… as most students think –or claim- they understand much more than they actually do… When I ask them without testing most of them will tell me there a level that is really two levels below… and the rest will just give a …

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Singin’To English

Singin’ To English – From the day I was born I was into music. A natural singer and dancer until a major health problem caused me to give up dancing altogether, I discovered the power of music from a very young age and endeavoured and encouraged people to join in by using music and songs to …

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The Comprehensive teacher – Helping Teachers Teach

Teaching English remains a mystery to most teachers and so does learning to most students… There are many ways and means to teach and to learn English often unsuspected by most… which -far from being out of reach- are within grasp of teachers and students… at closer range than most would even imagine… In The Comprehensive …

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Desperate Teachers

In Desperate Teachers we look at how teachers can improve and further their teaching… while making teaching more successful for teachers and students… This podcast is for English teachers and teachers at large everywhere… whatever you may be teaching… or contemplating to teach… Desperate Teachers is helping teachers teach… because teachers have questions too ! PodCast to Download & …

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