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Carefully chosen songs offer great support material in the teaching and learning of English... they are relaxing and enjoyable... and help discovering and memorising vocabulary and language... while helping with phonetics and fluency...

Hello ! I’m …

Hello ! I’m Buzzy Come and Play with me Hello ! I’m Lazy Come and play with me He keeps saying… More in

All Work and No Play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy Don’t work Jack Come and pla Come and sing Come and play Come and dance Come and play   More in  

Songs for Kids – Lavender’s Blue

  Lavender’s blue Dilly dilly Lavender’s Green Where yu are King Dilly dilly Will I be queen ?   More in Singin’To English

Gold – Amanda LEAR ((Elementary up)   Gold, I give you gold, gold did you ever dig for gold into the ground? Have you ever wanted gold? Have you ever listened to this precious sound? The glorious sound of gold… Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold Did you ever see the fighting …

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The Model – Kraftwerk (Elem up)

She’s a model and she’s looking good I’d like to take her home that’s understood She plays hard to get, she smiles from time to time It only takes a camera to change her mind She’s going out tonight but drinking just champagne And she has been checking nearly all the men She’s playing her …

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Money’s Too Tight To Mention – Simply Red (Pre-Int up)

I’ve been laid off from work My rent is due My kids all need Brand new shoes So I went to the bank To see what they could do They said son – looks like bad luck Got-a hold on you [Chorus:] Money’s too tight to mention I can’t get an un-em-ploy-ment ex-ten-sion Money’s too …

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I’ve Never been To Me Charlene (Pre-Int up)

  Hey lady, you lady Cursing at your life You’re a discontented mother And a regimented wife I’ve no doubt you dream about The things you’ll never do But, I wish someone had talked to me Like I wanna talk to you Whoooa, I’ve been to Georgia And California and anywhere I could run Took …

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Head Over Heals – ABBA (Pre-Int up)

I have a very good friend The kind of girl who likes to follow a trend She has a personal style Some people love it others tend to go wild You hear her voice everywhere Taking the chair She’s a leading lady And with no trace of hesitation she keeps going Head over heels Breaking …

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Orchard Road – Leo SAYER (Beg up)

To tell the truth it’s really such a sad affair Standing here waiting in the cold night air But I’ve got to make this call ‘Cos my heart is breaking I hear the pips drop a coin in the slot Has it been that long I thought you’d forgotten me Well I know that it’s …

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Answering Machine – Rupert HOLMES (Pre-Int up)

  A little while ago I went and placed a call To tell this girl I know that she could have it all The wedding ring, the whole dumb thing I was willing to tie the knot So I called her up, and this is the answer I got… *Chorus* I’m so sorry you have …

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