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Carefully chosen songs offer great support material in the teaching and learning of English... they are relaxing and enjoyable... and help discovering and memorising vocabulary and language... while helping with phonetics and fluency...

Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna (PI up)

Madonna is an artist to be reckoned with and some of her songs now belong in the collective memory. On her last tour alone Madonna made $ 270 m. Can you beat that ? Madonna has be know to be controversial in attitude mostly directed at spicing up her reputation in tabloids… still if her …

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Sand In My Shoes – Dido (PI up)

More than for any other song Dido will be remembered for her White Flag by now a classic. Dido sings in a recitative narrative style of her own songs of love and life in a pop folk tempo. Her songs are easy to sing along. She sings in a clear articulate fashion easy to understand. …

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Promise Me – Berverley CRAVEN (PI up)

Beverley Craven is probably best remembered for Promise Me… Still she has recorded four albums full of little gems. Most of her songs offer good stories of all -if personal- kinds that everyone can enjoy. She sings in a clear articulate way that makes her easy to follow. This explains why I selected her mostly …

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Everything She Wants – Wham ! (PI up)

British dance duo Wham ! did not look like they had much of a future when they started off their career by having their first single banned for political content… Yet they have outlived all that and beyond more than successfully offering their fans well crafted dance and romance songs with socially contexted songs at …

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Where Do The Children Play ? – Cat Stevens (PI up)

Another bard of nature and life and natural living is Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens continues his works under the name of Yusuf Islam.   He generally sings about life and love and can be very political. His songs range from basic to sophisticated in a folky way. So many of his songs could be used… …

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Hello Goodbye – The Beatles (Beg up)

  The Beatles’ sales are countless to date; their songs have been covered so many times over that most people wouldn’t know who wrote the original one. Their songs range from basic to story telling via romantic and even political… The Fabulous four from Liverpool went on to embrace an intensely rich career both as …

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Save Your Kisses For Me – Brotherhood of Man (Beg up)

Brotherhood of Man always walked in ABBA’s footsteps… and how right they were. The foursome scored many hits in their time with cleverly crafted pop song akin to the some early Beatles… I hadn’t imagined they would sound so good after all those years. And they do !   They offer good poppy bouncy tunes …

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The Calendar Song – Boney M

Whether you need a song for kids (or adults) to learn the months in English or a good story while pratising their present and past tenses Boney will supply more enough material for your students… Boney M sold 300 million albums in a record few years… They are still constantly played today on most commercial …

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Rock The Boat

One two three four five fruit in the basket One two three four five blocks in the box   More in

Happy Birthday

On Your Birthday I bake a cake… More in

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