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Coaching is very powerful tool to boost both confidence and achievement... Whether personal or professional, the coaching must be done by a proper coach (many people think they're coaches today... and sell themselves as coaches)... a bad coaching may result in terrible effects and side effects... Make sure your coach is a real coach... many so-called coaches are easily debunked as they can't define coaching for a start... Coaching draws on many skills and a long experience... both in business and in coaching... and that's why it is highly paid and so powerful... Coaching is a job for experts... I have been coaching for over 15 years now in languages and communication... and every time I am amazed at the results still... and my coaches recommend me most of the time... Coaching may be implement in many walks of life and lines of business at all levels... and for any type of candidate... 4/H0MYJS9C3VD8RSCPOGll-coxW3uKFXfiRdJ62U-xwOU

Transition to Neurolanguage Coach: Interview with Camille Delefortrie

Interview with Camille Delefortrie, English and Dutch teacher, Canada July 6, 2017 Rachel Paling, ACC Can you describe your professional career before taking the language coaching certification (LCC)? I was a secondary school teacher of English as a foreign language and Dutch as a second language. I taught those languages to teenagers in the public …

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Coaching in English

Coaching in English applies to those who already speak English… although their command of English  may need improvement when it comes to giving their language the power and drive it really requires to get the job done… there are many people in the world today using English to little or no impact… and still wonder …

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Coaching for English

Coaching for English is implemented for those people who, no matter what their level is in English, will still feel they’re ‘not quite there’ and resent communicating in public when they have to… Their issue is not English nor understanding English… it’s more in the confidence and the expression… managers and sales people are among …

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