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Feb 02

What’s the FUTURE of our CHILDS communication skills ? by Aiyshah Gwilliam

A few days ago I was at a family gathering. There were a large number of children under the age of 10 there as well as parents and friends of family etc, and there was one very interesting phenomenon that stuck out to me. Firstly of course the children were being children and chasing each …

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Jan 14

Idiomatic English means Brits struggle to communicate with the world by Olivia Rudgard

A Channel 4 news presenter who was bilingual, asked then-French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron how he would challenge the country’s rightward move by asking “So how would you buck that trend? CREDIT: ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP It’s a theory which is bound to put the cat among the pigeons. The British are proud of the idiomatic humour …

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Jan 11

Overseas students ‘add £20bn’ to UK economy By Sean Coughlan

London has the biggest share of overseas students, but the biggest economic impact is in Sheffield International students are worth £20bn to the UK economy, says a report from the Higher Education Policy Institute. The analysis says on top of tuition fees, their spending has become a major factor in supporting local economies. London alone …

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Jan 07

Confirming Your English Identity by Lisa HAGAN

Lisa Hagan takes the mystery out of biometric testing for international English language test takers Recent television and radio coverage of situations in which international students without a basic grasp of English have been accepted by U.S. and other universities has highlighted the problem of fraud in international testing. Little systematic data exists on its …

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Jan 06

What it’s like to love someone in a second language by Lauren COCKING

“So, do you speak to each other in English or Spanish?” is up there as one of the questions I’m most frequently asked about my bilingual relationship — typically by curious strangers, although sometimes by friends who clearly haven’t been paying that much attention. While slightly bizarre, I can understand the curiosity factor about romance …

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Jan 02

This Is the Most Beautiful Word in the English Language BY BROOKE NELSON

We all have our favorite words. Some of us like humorous ones, while others prefer words that are confusing or long. (By the way, the most complicated word in the English language is only three letters long.) But only one English word is truly “beautiful,” according to non-native speakers. In 2004, the British Council asked …

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Jan 01

How the English language has evolved like a living creature By Michael Erard

Some linguists think of language as a living thing: It grows and changes, and every time a child learns it, the language reproduces itself. Now, a team of researchers is using the analogy of evolution to explain language change, arguing that key factors in biological evolution—like natural selection and genetic drift—have parallels in how languages …

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Dec 28

Learning New Language Popular Resolution For 2018, Says Survey

Alison Kershaw HuffPost UK 28 December 2017 With Christmas over-indulgence out of the way, thoughts are turning to resolutions – and for many, that means learning a new language, a survey suggests. Around one in five (21%) are planning to make language learning a goal for 2018, according to a poll commissioned by the British …

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Dec 27


TEFL English Teachers is a FREE TEFL English School. FREE English lesson plans, student textbooks, homework assignments, exams, attendance grade sheets, You Tube music videos with printable lyric sheets and lots of classroom material such as verb and noun posters. English Levels 1-12 and English Conversations 1-5 are available for download in Adobe PDF format …

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Dec 27

How to Crack Section 1 of IELTS listening

Listening Tips IELTS listening section 1 is perhaps the easiest part of IELTS listening exam. The reason is that you have simple questions of form filling or short notes type. If you can get all the ten questions right in this section, it would be quite good for you to boost up your band score …

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