History of Hip Hop


Another book for those fans of Hip Hop…

Hip Hop is a subculture phenomenon which was given a voice through the tough neighborhoods of America’s largest conurbations. Springing from the poverty of cities in urban America, it quickly uncovered an exciting array of new urban talent eager to tell their own stories and bring a vibrant new style of music to audiences worldwide.

Now, Rap music has spread across the world, taking root in continents as diverse as Europe, Asia, The Americas, Africa and Australia. In The History of Hip Hop, the story of America’s most surreal social movement is told in this biography which details:

*The differences between Hip-Hop and Rap
*The earliest history of music leading to Hip Hop
*The expansion of Hip-Hop culture and Street Art
*The push for Hip Hop education
*Memorable moments in rap music history
*Genres of Hip-Hop explained
*And much more…

As Hip Hop continues to spread its influence to all corners of the world and carries on inspiring popular culture freaks from every walk of life, it seems clear that it’s here to stay.

The History of Hip Hop will give you an in-depth insight of the undeniable power behind this music genre, that promises to keep on producing incredible talent and exciting music for years to come.

Hip Hop lives on!

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