Coming from a multinational multicultural family I learnt many languages and to deal with many cultures… This has shown me the importance of words and communication. Words are sweet water to my lips… For lack of a better word I’ll make up my own if I have to… if it serves the purpose of my writing… words are all yet sometimes words are not enough… From the minute I could write I wrote… on everything and anything I could fin to write on… I wrote I wrote I wrote… and I haven’t stopped writing yet… My first memory of writing was at home writing my name on my little blackboard… My father came to correct it… and writing was on for me from that moment on… There was a time poetry belonged in popular culture before it was held hostage by the elite… In many respects and ways I have long felt I belong in those days… People quoted and cited lines from poems as people today sing along the streets… And words were their music… A couple of years ago one of my students presented a piece of his work about Louise BENNETT -the first Jamaican woman poet- and he got me thinking on how I wish I could go back to the dawn of writing… to be the first person ever to write the first book in his language… the first fiction… Or even… Bulgarian born Elias CANETTI who, from wanting so much to understand the private thoughts his parents shared in German, went on to become one of the greatest German writers of his time and beyond… because with writing comes history… and come stories… and communication… My main interests belong in life, people and nature. People usually don’t see the surrealistic aspects of their life… when I do… Most of my endeavours are about communication… and my writings are very oral in fact… they are meant to be heard and said more than read… even if one should indeed enjoy reading them… whether books, texts, poems or songs they would easily find their way to the radio or stage… and I have recorded a few that I offer for sale now… I also write for business and communication as well as for children… in a style that blends fact and fiction as well as poetry and prose… writing about people for people… Most of my books come in French and in English.

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Free Audiobooks for the visually impaired

FREE AUDIOBOOKS FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED Wordwooze publishes audiobooks in a variety of genres exclusively through ACX. As each book is released, we are provided with 25 US and 25 UK promo codes to give to reviewers or use as prizes for promotional activities. Invariably, many of those promo codes go unused and expire after three …

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The Portal in the Pyramid

Martin was on holiday in Cairo, Egypt, where he checked in to a cheap and dingy 3-star hotel room. He walked around in the city looking inspirations for his new Sci-Fi book when he stumbled across an Egyptian old market/bazaar. He bought a shimmering and glowing blue crystal, which turned out to be an ancient …

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Leland Hale, Galactic Conman

INTRODUCING LELAND HALE ― INTERSTELLAR CONMAN! Fraud, larceny, and murder are all in a day’s work for this master interstellar confidence man. Leland thought the universe owed him a living ― and he was collecting on the installment plan! He is about to descend on the planet Cardigan’s Green with a planetary scam designed to …

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Dogs We Know

AN AMAZING TALE ABOUT CRIME-FIGHTING WITH SLED DOGS Unbeknownst to all but a select few, Jim is a federal agent whose skills and sled dogs are often pressed into service to thwart criminals and foreign agents operating in Alaska and beyond. On short notice he and his dogs must be prepared to sled or fly …

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Unfinished Business

LARCENY AND MURDER IN THE ANTARCTIC, OH MY! Unfinished Business: Pursuit of an Antarctic Killer is Book II of The Antarctic Murders Trilogy. It continues the story of Captain Roberto Muoz of the Lientur and the hunt for the millions of dollars in US and British cash, negotiable securities, gold coins, and jewelry that were …

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Night Shadows

A MYSTERY/THRILLER THAT YOU CAN’T PUT DOWN When a wealthy Wall Street commodity futures trader is found dead in his townhouse of an apparent drug overdose, Deputy Coroner Michael Antonetti, NYPD, is suspicious. Antonetti tells Detective Louis Martelli he suspects what appears to be a suicide may in fact be murder.  After a similar case …

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KAMARI WAS DRAWN TO HIS DANGEROUS AURA Kamari Grade was a well-known troubleshooter for the most discerning clients. But when called to investigate one of the most powerful men in financing, she’s thrown into the world of Huron Base. Financiers were usually polished in word and deed, but there was a sexy arrogance to Huron …

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Too tough to kill

LOUIS L’AMOUR STORIES OF THE NEW WILD WEST―1930s-50s Here is a time when the old west became new ― the 1930s-50s ― as Louis L’Amour witnessed it first-hand in Southern California before and after World War II. Many people think the age of gunmen, scheming land barons, murderous bad guys, and the determined men who …

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House of Cards

AN EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT MYSTERY THRILLER! Who killed Matthew B. Richardson III? Banksters or Islamic terrorists? The head of one of the largest investment banking and securities firms in the United States has been assassinated in Times Square in the middle of New York City’s annual celebration of Halloween, the Festival of the Dead. Louis Martelli, NYPD, …

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Hero Worship

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED! Sienna is a hardworking sheep farmer in the outback of South Australia whose quick action saves a family from a dangerous situation after a tornado tears through the state. The media attention that follows brings her more than just hero status. Sienna meets the love of her life, Marcus, but …

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