Coming from a multinational multicultural family I learnt many languages and to deal with many cultures… This has shown me the importance of words and communication. Words are sweet water to my lips… For lack of a better word I’ll make up my own if I have to… if it serves the purpose of my writing… words are all yet sometimes words are not enough… From the minute I could write I wrote… on everything and anything I could fin to write on… I wrote I wrote I wrote… and I haven’t stopped writing yet… My first memory of writing was at home writing my name on my little blackboard… My father came to correct it… and writing was on for me from that moment on… There was a time poetry belonged in popular culture before it was held hostage by the elite… In many respects and ways I have long felt I belong in those days… People quoted and cited lines from poems as people today sing along the streets… And words were their music… A couple of years ago one of my students presented a piece of his work about Louise BENNETT -the first Jamaican woman poet- and he got me thinking on how I wish I could go back to the dawn of writing… to be the first person ever to write the first book in his language… the first fiction… Or even… Bulgarian born Elias CANETTI who, from wanting so much to understand the private thoughts his parents shared in German, went on to become one of the greatest German writers of his time and beyond… because with writing comes history… and come stories… and communication… My main interests belong in life, people and nature. People usually don’t see the surrealistic aspects of their life… when I do… Most of my endeavours are about communication… and my writings are very oral in fact… they are meant to be heard and said more than read… even if one should indeed enjoy reading them… whether books, texts, poems or songs they would easily find their way to the radio or stage… and I have recorded a few that I offer for sale now… I also write for business and communication as well as for children… in a style that blends fact and fiction as well as poetry and prose… writing about people for people… Most of my books come in French and in English.

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The World’s Strangest True Stories

THE WORLD IS NOT WHAT WE THINK IT IS The individuals whose experiences you are about to hear know that only too well, since nothing in their lives had prepared them for their encounters with things that are not supposed to happen – but did! Events like these remain hidden because those they happen to …

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Dracula’s Daughter Review

Classic Tales of Vampire Women & Their Thirsts “Wish I Could Give 6 Stars For The Narrator”  I recently read and discussed “Carmilla” in my book club, which is a vampire story that predates Dracula by decades. I think it was just the right primer to jump into this anthology. There are individual stories to …

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English for Music Students

This website is developed for the beginner students of music whose first language is not English, and provides them with an online course on specialised English for music, so that they can improve their English in their own field of study. The course is based on the book English for Music Students: Basics. The content of …

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Stepping Up Reading in English

I have studied a lot… I have taught a lot… I have read a lot… and I write a lot… Books for teaching… books for learning… To date I have gathered collections of stories for budding and more experienced English readers… that come in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats… Tales for Overgrown Children aiming at …

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20 Ways To Provide Effective Feedback For Learning

By TeachThought Staff Last updated Dec 6, 2018 742,499263FacebookTwitterPrint 20 Ways To Provide Effective Feedback For Learning contributed by Laura Reynolds While assessment gets all the press, it is feedback for learning that can transform a student’s learning. When feedback is predominately negative, studies have shown that it can discourage student effort and achievement (Hattie & Timperley, 2007, Dinham).  Like my experience, …

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6 ESL Teaching Techniques to Cut TTT and Get Your Students Talking

“The teacher doesn’t give the students enough time to talk.”  Every teacher has heard this criticism or something similar. Whether you’re getting it from students or supervisors, it’s something you probably want to change. Usually, we hear this when we first start teaching and still have to learn to adapt. Especially in quieter classes, teachers …

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Speaking, Teaching and Learning

The lines of (1) speaking English only and (2) watching films in English seems to be here to stay… passed down generation after generation of English ‘teachers’… merely hoping to get away with teaching murder… only nothing could be further from the truth… if this was true any opera fan would speak French, German and …

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Death by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls

A DARK MURDER MYSTERY ABOUT WHITE COLLAR GREED! Death by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls is a murder mystery based on real events. It is the story of how the oligarchs of Wall Street, doctors, and others in the pharmaceutical research profession having significant conflicts of interest, and employees of two “captured” US government …

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A Knife In My Back

INTRODUCING THE FEMALE NERO WOLFE! The first outing of Amelia Winslow Brewster (“Amy” to her friends), the elephantine, cigar-smoking, blue-blooded genius of a detective, finds her in a battle of wits with an unknown killer who has neatly framed her nephew. You’ll howl with delight as the icon-toppling Amy tackles stuffed-shirts, law enforcement, gargantuan gourmet …

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Kamari Grade was a well-known troubleshooter for the most discerning clients. But when called to investigate one of the most powerful men in financing, she’s thrown into the world of Huron Base. Financiers were usually polished in word and deed, but there was a sexy arrogance to Huron that blared former thug, and it wasn’t …

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