The Etiquette of Lying


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Jen got her first taste of being a dominant during an intense relationship with Annabel while attending college, which only ended after graduation due to a misunderstanding. The women maintained a close friendship over the years while Jen concentrated on climbing the ranks in the police department and her former submissive focused on building a lucrative mail-order business. Fifteen years after university, a confluence of events reignites their kinky passions, but with an interesting twist: each of their male partners are included in the mix.

While wildly exhilarating and erotic, the couples’ path into BDSM polyamory is not without missteps and frustrations, as they struggle with getting each of their needs met, sorting out the pecking order, and finally accepting the group’s natural alpha. Come along for a wild ride in modern day London and vicariously enjoy this seldom written about lifestyle through the shared journey of Jen, Annabel, Sean, and David.

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