One Last Love



Life has the habit of delivering its twists at the most unexpected times.

For Bonnie, his life had been lived, and the bittersweet memories of his wife, along with the never-ending sorrow of losing his son so young remain with him, but they are now ebbing away slowly with the passing of the years. His days of love, warmth, and tenderness well past and all that is left is his last few quiet years to grow old. Alone, yet content.

What he had done, he had done and what had happened, had. All that remained was to live out the rest of his life in a new place, far away from his checkered past. His days passing with the regularity that an old man desires and deserves. Until the dark day arrives that signals an impending end to his new-found life, and with it, all sense of hope.

In facing mortality, Bonnie resorts to using his crusty exterior and bravado to hide the frailty and fear he feels within himself – until he is presented with stark realities beyond his understanding and is forced to come face to face with his own prejudices and beliefs.

In meeting Danny and Angeline, Bonnie begins to reshape his thoughts about his acceptance of those he had habitually admonished, and of the bigoted life he has lived. While Charlie and his daughter Beatrice realign his set concepts of how he had habitually rushed to judge people too quickly.

However, it is only when Bonnie meets Madeleine that the most unexpected eventuality turns his hard-held beliefs, and his very set views about life, people, and love, on their head.

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