Message froma Corpse



Message from a Corpse is a masterpiece from the pen of Golden Age mystery novelist Sam Merwin, Jr. When writer Breck Barnum finds himself framed for murder, he soon realizes the slaying is connected to the autobiography of a world-famous financier he had ghosted. But the unfinished manuscript has disappeared, and Breck thinks he has problems when he discovers a pair of murderous goons and three beautiful women are also searching for it.

Then he meets Amy Brewster and discovers his problems are only beginning. She’s the only one who can save him ― if she doesn’t drive him crazy first! Never mess with a friend of Amy’s. Crimedom is about to discover the real meaning of terror, for Tommy guns and automatics are no match for Amy.

And soon the 50ish millionaire detective finds she’s the next target on the killer’s list.

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