It’s Magic You Dope !


Kindle and Audiobook Editions
This delightfully humorous fantasy from the legendary 1950s Fantastic Stories pulp magazine begins with an ordinary Chicago librarian courting his beautiful (but insipid) fiancée. Shortly afterwards, she and her family are zapped into a parallel world by two real estate gangsters. Albert turns the table on the gangsters, but then finds that his own time has become warped. He meets two creatures from an alternate world and in short order crosses with them over into a horizon-less, magical realm.
When he enters the forest of Drendon, and his girlfriend turns into a woodnymph, and her brother becomes a fawn, and the dreadful parrot-beaked, cannibalistic Kwistian birds come to feast, he doesn’t waste precious time asking what’s going on? It’s Magic, You Dope!
Our intrepid hero finds himself menaced by hotsies, Kwistians, sarks, and wumbles. Help arrives from Maggot the witch, but Maggot is a busy witch and doesn’t have time to explain how to use the bag of spells she gave him, so he must figure them out by himself….

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