Death by Wall Street



Death by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls is a murder mystery based on real events. It is the story of how the oligarchs of Wall Street, doctors, and others in the pharmaceutical research profession having significant conflicts of interest, and employees of two “captured” US government agencies―the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)―by design as well as by simply refusing to pursue the evidence of malfeasance provided to them, deny patients life-saving treatments that are demonstrated safe and effective in FDA-approved drug trials.

When the severed head of a Wall Street stock analyst turns up spiked on a horn of the Wall Street Bull, Detective Louis Martelli of the NYPD is assigned to track down the murderer. But why were this victim and the victims of two similar murders that followed singled out for execution? Martelli eventually learns the answer to this question and tracks down the killer, but not before uncovering some of Wall Street’s and the US government’s darkest secrets pertaining to the US financial markets and the nation’s health care practices.

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