Cosmic Love : Keys for the path of Light



This is not a time to withhold love, but to be it, in all its glory. These are tumultuous times, as all times of great transformation are. But this is also a time of great illumination, vision, and healing.

You are a being of Light, and your very presence often serves as an illumination, a healing, and — for those who are unwilling to move out of their present condition — an irritant. As you awaken more fully to these truths, all that has been created in illusion or misunderstanding will fall away. There are many powerful energies and information now available to you that have never existed on planet Earth before.

The more greatly aligned with Cosmic Love and True Reality you are, the more you are able to stand in your Light, and stay centered in Love, no matter what others think of you.

The greatest gift and offering you can bring to the uplifting of this world is the evolution of your own consciousness.

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