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Teaching, and long-term -or life- teaching English is as good a job as any other… and even better… like the author says… it’s a job that gives you a well paid job abroad… and there’s always work… even if you don’t speak the language to begin with -although I believe once there you should learn it… learning the language is respect for the local and the best way to understand them and the challenges they’re facing learning English-…

 We all, at one time or another, go through a mid-life crisis… and there’s nothing wrong with changing jobs or life altogether… so long as it is a MATURED and CHOSEN decision… not a choice you make out of no choice… a desperate escape… and, with teaching English, you can always chose to go and teach somewhere else…

 I made a different choice… a choice based on a philosophy I call the Snail Syndrome… leave everything behind while take everything along… I decided to top my teaching…

29825a_98a86f68ece44f78ac06b01964fc6c61All my life I have been a compulsive learner and I like to tell my students and whoever wants to hear it that I loved school so much that I did everything to stay there… and so became a teacher… and so I learnt all my life with a view to furthering and bettering my teaching… I became another English teacher… I learnt other complementary skills to supplement my teaching… and renewed my teaching every time… and enjoyed teaching with a new approach… I learnt communication, Communication, NLP, Personal Branding, how the brain works and how we memorise, other languages, music therapy, sophrology and hypnotism, and became a coach in languages and communication… enjoying myself all the while…

Lately, and also because of major health problems, I had to take another turn… another direction, another road… and developed my writing and started writing for English teachers and English students while producing audiobooks… and when I look back I realise I owe it all to teaching English… and the funny thing is I never wanted to be a teacher to begin with… can you believe that ?

There’s not only room at the top with Teaching English… there’s also room for maneuver… disillusioned me ? Never !


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