Ice breakers – a crowd-sourced list by Jenni Field


Last week I took to Twitter and The IC Crowd to ask for ideas for ice breakers for around 12 people. Thanks to the lovely people out there for all their ideas – I thought I’d compile them here for anyone else asking the same question!

Company Speed Dating

Split your group into Group A (seated) and Group B who move along every two minutes. Find out three facts from your seated ‘date’ then switch so Group B are seated.

Find Your Other Half

Randomly assign each person one half of a famous duo – then have them search the room for their ‘other half’ – for example, Batman & Robin, Sharky & George, Fred & Wilma. You could incorporate the yes/no game when asking who people are, not tell people who they are and have their character stuck on a post-it note on their head so they have to find out who they are before finding their partner.

Animal Antics

Allocate everyone an animal then have them arrange themselves in either height or alphabetical order – by making animal noise/impression only.

Smarties/M&Ms Game

Allocate a question to the colour of the sweet – for example, blue: favourite film, red: dream holiday destination, orange: when I was little I wanted to be… – then have your participants take a few sweets from the packet and answer questions based on the colours they have in their hand – just don’t tell them the game before you give out the sweets!

Guess the Baby Photo

Have participants bring a black and white baby photo and their top three values written underneath, stick them up and have the group play Guess the Baby.

Build a Tower

Who can build the tallest tower using only a newspaper and a roll of tape/spaghetti and marshmallows/any other equipment or ingredients!

Would you rather…?

Divide the room in half with a line of tape then have the group vote with their feet. Would you rather… and have a variety of questions such as “travel back in time or to the future”, “sweet or savoury snacks”, “ability to fly or invisibility”.

Would I lie to you?

Ask people to write down something (a fact, experience or funny story) that others are unlikely to know about them but that they are happy to share. Then read out and have people guess who’s story it is – guaranteed laughter! Another version is to have “two truths and a lie” and have everyone guess which is the lie!

Zombie Apocalypse

Ask everyone what their survival skill would be in a zombie apocalypse – it’s fun without being too personal.

Common Knowledge

Put your participants into small groups and get them to find 10 things that they have in common, and it can’t be that they all have heads or are breathing! It can be harder than you think and also shows how well they know each other.

Colleague Bingo

Have bingo cards with things like “has been to Australia”, “owns a dog”, “has met a celebrity” and then chat to others and see who can find everyone first.

Best Achievement

Can be sporting, professional or personal but you might find out you have a secret Olympian in your group or a published author!

Chinese Whispers

Two teams in a line, give them a company corporate bit of jargon and pass it on as a whisper, whoever still has it correct at the end is the winner. Repeat as many times as you like, only rule is that you can’t repeat the whisper!

Napkin origami

Have everyone make an animal representation of themselves out of a napkin.

Map Marauders

Make a rudimentary map on the floor and have everyone move around as they stand on the place they were born, last holiday, bucket list spot etc.

A Good Yarn

Have everyone stand in a large circle, give one person a large ball of yarn and have them state three things about themselves, then pass it to another person who shares three facts too but one of their facts must relate to the last person (ie “I was born in Scotland too”). Keep on passing and sharing unrolling the yarn until everyone has had a turn and see how everyone is connected.


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