How to choose your Business English Teacher in 5 easy steps

29825a_db034aeadf00442981d040971f956322Step #1.  Choose the best teacher, not the best company.  Many business professionals and businesses hire a Language School or company without even asking about the teachers or their qualifications. This is a big mistake. The teacher should be purposefully matched to the student(s). Meet the teacher before you say “Yes”.


Step #2. Choose a teacher who pushes you to become an Independent Learner and will throw away the textbook when needed. A good teacher will not rely on a textbook to guide your learning. They should allow you to direct your own learning based on your needs.   A good teacher will create a syllabus designed specifically for your needs to help you achieve your goals. They will not follow a cookie cutter method that does not interest you. What method does your teacher use?

Step #3. Choose a Teacher with a solid BUSINESS background.  Example – If you are a business professional, and you need help with your conversation skills, conference calls, your phone etiquette, your business writing, and giving presentations. It would be a good idea to choose a teacher who has experience  teaching in these areas.

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