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GROUNDBREAKING SCIENCE FICTION FROM THE PAST Six often overlooked award-caliber sci-fi short novels and novelettes.  All the stories in this unique anthology were voted to be among the top stories of their year. We believe each would be a top story of any year.  Rog Phillips’ other stories are eclipsed by his psychological thriller, the …

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Free Audiobooks for the visually impaired

FREE AUDIOBOOKS FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED Wordwooze publishes audiobooks in a variety of genres exclusively through ACX. As each book is released, we are provided with 25 US and 25 UK promo codes to give to reviewers or use as prizes for promotional activities. Invariably, many of those promo codes go unused and expire after three …

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The Portal in the Pyramid

Martin was on holiday in Cairo, Egypt, where he checked in to a cheap and dingy 3-star hotel room. He walked around in the city looking inspirations for his new Sci-Fi book when he stumbled across an Egyptian old market/bazaar. He bought a shimmering and glowing blue crystal, which turned out to be an ancient …

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Leland Hale, Galactic Conman

INTRODUCING LELAND HALE ― INTERSTELLAR CONMAN! Fraud, larceny, and murder are all in a day’s work for this master interstellar confidence man. Leland thought the universe owed him a living ― and he was collecting on the installment plan! He is about to descend on the planet Cardigan’s Green with a planetary scam designed to …

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Dogs We Know

AN AMAZING TALE ABOUT CRIME-FIGHTING WITH SLED DOGS Unbeknownst to all but a select few, Jim is a federal agent whose skills and sled dogs are often pressed into service to thwart criminals and foreign agents operating in Alaska and beyond. On short notice he and his dogs must be prepared to sled or fly …

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