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This Is Your Brain on Learning by Ave Rio

Personalize learning and deliver it in small chunks via microlearning to make the most of what neuroscience reveals about the brain. September 28, 2017 neuroscience of self-directed learning It’s no secret that there’s an ongoing change in how learning happens — and it’s in part due to leaps in our understanding of how the brain …

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In Europe, pronunciation teaching prior to the late 19th c relied largely on imitation along with approximations derived from spelling and so, unsurprisingly, little was written on the topic in comparison with the teaching of structure or meaning. This scarcity of recorded information may result from a lack of technical understanding which is quite likely, …

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Language and Expression

When I was nine my little sister was really learning to speak and walk and I undertook to do my impossible to get her to speak and walk… or at least die trying… from the day she was born I had spent as much time as I could with her… caring for her almost more …

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Class Fright

You probably wouldn’t believe the number of teachers who suffer from Class Fright… or maybe you are one… Those teachers always make me think of a tamer walking into a lion’s den… they fear their students so much they become negative and aggressive for no reason… their students don’t understand their attitude and behaviour and …

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If teaching is a craft of acting, teachers should be the audience ! by Muhammad Al-Qadi

February 28, 2017 Many educationalists and theorists have adopted various definitions of teaching. Mainly most of these definitions concentrate on teachers’ roles in classrooms. Some defined teaching as a craft of acting where teachers do their best to play different roles to entertain their learners and keep them motivated. In principle, this definition may work …

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